as of January 1, 2024

Grand Lake Gardens

Marian L. Archibald
Helena Collis
Mary E. Downs
Maxine Finsterwald
Della Giles
Dr. Ernest Greenwood
Erna M. Harkness
Alice Hay Lewis
Madeline Norma Holden
Maria Hopkins
Rowena Alice Volz Jackson
George and Jean Jacobs
Rev. Gillette O. and Dr. Rosa V. James
Elizabeth Kendrick
Joseph and Janet Krovoza
Marie Krovoza
Walter and Rosemarie Krovoza
Clara Lauenberger
Lester Marks
Cleo J. Mayer
Ruth McConnell
Georgia Medford
Virginia Meyer
Harold and Ruth Morgan
Olive Moran
Harriett Nelson
Muriel Nelson

Marion O’Bryan
John and Miriam Oshiro
Astrid Peterson
Janet Phillips
Dr. Louis and Beatrice Pollack
Nicholas and Anne Protopopoff
Richard Quey
Minnie Rider
Harry and Katherine Ross
Imogene Schafer
Claribel P. Smeltzer
Martha Smiley
Frances Street
John B. and Thelma K. Taylor
Emily Terry
Joan Thatcher
Marcella Van Dalen
Dietrich Eugene Wagner
Jeane Wickham
Betty Hogue Will


Judson Park

Bernice Anderson
Harry Arnold
Martha Thomson Arnold
Burton and June Barclay
Ruth Belcher
Nancy Breckenridge
Edith Ann Calder
Lorraine Dick
Harris and Genevieve Erickson
Elizabeth Fairman
Jay and Francis Irene Gordon
Shirley Gordon
Rev. Earl Gosa
Joseph C. and Jerrilou Grillo
Anne Hansen
Hawley Hayden
Mary Hix
Ray and Florence Howard
Ruth Howard
Edwin and Mary Huber
Ruth Ella Laughlin
Willa and Harold Lee
Edgar and Luella Luton
Marty Marian
Nina Mattison
Frederick Mattson
Emily McCartney
Esther McFeeley

James and Cathrine Minah
Arnold and Mary Neuder
Sheila Norton
Russell and Elsie Orr
Fred and Vella Perry
Roy and Margaret A. Peterson
Lenore Petrich
Elsie Petteys
Rose Phipps
Harold and Margaret Pistorese
Paul E. and Elizabeth S. Poehlman
Phil and Dorothy M. Provine
Gladyce Putnam
June Reich-Webster
Charles and Leonora Smith
Thomas and Marilyn Smith
Doris A. Stephens
Heinz Gehlhaar and Ylonne Stevenson
Anzio Sutherland
Willard and Zola Sweany
Phil and Jenny Thurston
Elizabeth Arnold Vaughan
Jimmy and Margaret Walker
Paul and Carol Williams

Las Ventanas

Ethel Arellano
Susan L. Barnett
Thomas and Marianne Bell
Rollie and Shirley Berry
Carolyn Booker
Richard and JoAnn DeVries
Dick and Susan Fulljames
Edward and Carole Gangloff
Lou Gamage
Tony Germann
Elizabeth L. Green
Frederick B. Hampton
Jerry and Kay Harmon
Molly Ann Jeppson

Malcolm Kistler
Harold and Lois Ann Larson
Patricia Lee
Carolyn Leontos
Francis G. Linsmeier
Warren and Patricia Mullen
Evelyn B. Penney
Kenneth and Ann Reim
Gene Sajcich
Mary Ann Skelly
Herb and Marilyn Steege
Larry and Barbara Taylor
Susanna Tong

Piedmont Gardens

Marian Alfred
Gene and Hanna Alger
Rev. Daniel Livingston and Joy Palmerlee Apra
Barbara Baker
Louise S. Beckerleg
Margaret Benedict
Marshall Kennedy and Eleanor Bliss
Thelma Buchanan
John and Ruth Campbell
Anne Carleton
Otis and Alice Cary
Barbara Chapman
Julia F. Cooksey
Robert V. and Renate A. Coombs
Dorothy Davis
Pauline DiMarco
Jean Dunning
Adelia Garard
Nora Guisso
Bertha and Nellie Given
Jennie Glover
Masako Hamada
Emmy Lou Henry
Enola Hicks
Alyce Hinton
Martin P. Huff
Marjorie Hull
Barbara Johnson

Mabel King
Ruth Knopp
Bernadine Koenigkramer
Violet Loucks
George Maas
Barbara Mactavich
Helen Mardock
Emma Marks
Cleo Mayer
Ruth Moeller
Walter Montgomery
Margaret Nielson-Foster
Maxine O’Neil
Walter and Lucille Oppedahl
Marian Place
John Rininger
Harry Robarts
Else Schiff
Margaret Spiller
Vivian Steeves
Toshiko Tekawa
Lucile Walker
Martha Walsh
Ethel Evans Weaver
Doris E. White
Helen Wickes
William Williams
Elinor Wright
James T. Wright


Plymouth Village

Jack and Yvonne Abels
Helena Allen
Margaret Andrus
John and Mary Bailey
Gordon Bassett
Olive Bennett
Peter and Diane Bennett
Mary A. Botten
Peter and Joyce Burk
Orville R. and Virginia B. Chapman
Marjorie Christensen
Charles and Sarah Irene Coggins
Howard and Madge Cuyler
Roy E. and Louise S. Dahlin
Herbert and Dorothea Dominguez
Eleanor Douglass
Ruby J. Douthirt
Douglas Graham Eadie
Mary Ellison
Jordan and Lillian Engberg
Eleanor Fishman
Louise Gambill
Eugene L. and Elaine Giachino
Roger E. and Thea June Hedlund
John and Helen Holliday
Helen Houston
Charles D. and Mabel C. Howell
Hubert H. Huntley, Jr.
Edward and Mabel Hust
Ron and Kay Kallander
Arthur and LaVaughn Lane
Mary Lou Layne
Harley Eugene and Geraldine Frances Lintz
Edna Eileen MacCormick
Jeanette Martin
Frances McElderry
Karl and Dolores McGowen
Lillian Miller
Urmila More
Beatrice Morris

Harriet Nance
Boyd and Helen Nies
John and Evelyn Oliver
John Paulsen
Marilyn Peck
Mary Catherine Petri
Alma L. Rambo
Rev. and Mrs. Charles Roadarmel
Martha Robbins
Janet S. Roberts
Charles and Ruth Ronin
Jennie Rudenga
Kim and Nellie Anne Saville
Marjorie Schaefer
Lloyd and Dorothy Sease
Mary Anna Selkirk
Irene Sellenrick
Lucy R. Siegrist
Marion Joy Sischo
Doris Spoor
Alice Stokes
Charles H. and Verna H. Swift
John and Carol J. Townsend
Jane Wagner
Robert and Marion Wiens
Winslow and Abby Randall
Frank D. Wiswell
Tomoye June Yamasaki and Harold Taro Fujita

Redwood Terrace

Marvyn S. Anderson
Richard A. and Valeria Belzer
Ruth Marie Blazel
Walter T. Bourdot
Helen Irene Cruth
Stoney and Gloria G. DeMent
Frederick and Pamela Dittus
Lee Durko
James F. and Victoria H. Flood
Margaret Gannon
Robert and Constance Goldthwait
Dr. William R. and Ardele Haas
Kenton C. Hall
Richard W. and Faye Heiden
Monta Huber
Luella Rose Humrichouse
Dorothy Jennison
Ruth Johnson
Robert J. and Mary Kirkpatrick
Albert Benjamin Klise

Angelo and Mary A. Loschiavo
Howard and Claudia Madden
Roland and Virginia Magee
Daniel Mathews
Wanita McLean
Hans and Anita Noordhoorn
Judith Allen Rucker
Emma Rutan
Louise Sutton Shawkey
Edna Shores
Dorothy Simpson
PJ and Momina Skill
Minerva Tillier
Jean Weaver
Nick and Barbara N. Yanick

Regents Point

Florence R. Anderson
Margaret Anderson
Bill and Marjorie Louise Beacom
Muriel M. Bell
Jewel Berry
Maryann Brinckerhoff
Wallace M. and Jean M. Brown
Esther E. Bryan
Harold Z. and Clara G. Buck
Eloise A. Calverley
Kathryn Coe
Edward and Dorothy J. Crotser
Judith N. d’Albert
Eugenia Ross Beatty Dean
Robert Louis Eckert
Edward and Suzanne Egloff
Jack M. and Bobbie Nell Ferguson
Winifred Foreman
David and Judith Anne Fukuda
Benita Fulkerson
Elizabeth Gregory
Doris H. Gylseth
Sherrill D. Heard
Kenneth Heflin
Stephen Herzbrun
Ernest J. and Patricia Hunter
Dr. Tarow and Minako Indow
George and Vivian E. Johnson
Peg G. Jordan

Harold Kibby
Jack and May T. Kline
Dagfinn and Marilyn Larsen
Jean Leslie
Joan B. Lively
Eleanor McClintock
Delmer and Barbara McCommon
Emmett V. and Elizabeth K. Moore
Francis Gunnar Oksala
Seymour Peretz
Donald and Beth Morrish Plumb
Louise Ringwalt
Louise I. Sarraffe
Walter Scott
Norma K. Sernka
Charlotte Jean Smith
Robbie Sophia Snow
George and Helen Speake
Paul A. and Elisabeth Wassmansdorf
Brian and Audrey Watkins
Earl W. and Margaret A. Wiley
Richard Dale and Susan Work
Robert and Priscilla Young


Theora Bartholomew
Harrison and Mary Jane Burton
Mildred Colvin
Kathryn C. Cooper
Ada Dunn
Helen Fogel
John Friauf
Samuel and Eulela Gramm
Eileen Hall
Lavon Hellinga
Frances Holmes
Florence Keyser
Alice Kintzi
Monagene Lawrence
William and Louise May
Malcolm McLean
Ronald McMasters
Myona Morrison
Melvia Roy and Geneva Mowry
Marie Myers

Mabel Raymond
Frieda Saxton
Virginia Harwood Chapman Schulz
Bonnie Stauffer
Elizabeth H. Stevens
Pauline Streight
John and Murlie Swan
Edwin and Ruth Sweet
Hilda Tolin
Chester and Helen Troudy
Everett Waddingham
Carl and Avanelle H. Woody
Betsy Ann Young

Royal Oaks

Lorraine E. Anderson
Rose M. Baguez
Jane F. Baldwin
Lewis E. and Helen H. Barber
Betty R. Bell
W. Kenneth and Vera A. Carlberg
Betty R. Clement
Robert and Sally R. Cole
Donald Cowen
Helen Cox Hutton
Maebelle J. Denslow
Leonard Y. Erb
Paul Fisher
Frank Garbo
Richard L. and Teru N. Graves
Patricia A. Green
Ruth A. Greife
Frederick J. and Patricia Gross
John J. and Betsy B. Guyer
LuRetta Haire
Lillian D. Heeb
Estate of Norris Henderson
Lilian Elsie Heron
John and Kathryn Hopkins
William and Hannah E. Houghton
Betty Ingalls
Sally J. Lash
Arnon J. and Anna Laura Lensink
Elaine N. Lupton

Robert and Virginia Mann
Isabelle Marden
Marshall F. and Selene T. McGraw
Giles G. Meade
Mary Lucille Morgan
Helen Posthuma
Mary Ann Prelock
Loyal Prentice
Harvey Lee Price
A. Adele Richardson
Phyllis A. Rider
W. Alan and Marion Ries
Lois Rosenhain
Harvey and Carol Rudisaile
Jack D. and Sally R. Samuelson
Wanda L. Sawyers
Mabel E. Schadt
Alice Dean Schmidt
Ida R. Snyder
John George and Barbara J. Sonneborn
Jean Soule
Meta Squire
Mary Stettler-Wagner
Dr. Albert and Mary Thomas
Pearl Turner
Stanley B. and Wilma L. Vogt
Gretchen Watson
Helen Weaver
Abby Marie Westerberg
Ethel L. Whitson
Mary Anita Yoder Cook
Bertha Zoppel

The Terraces at Los Altos

Gulu and Indira Advani
Phyllis Allard
Norm and Pat Baker
Harold B. and Miriam E. Bjornson
Helen Boelens
Katherine Bowen
Patricia Castro
Leonard and Betty Cherry
Jack and Shirley Connolly
Gary Cooper and William Fanning
Dick and Marian Davies
Arden and Gwen Farey
Ron Fredlund
Jean Gause
Martha Gillespie
Gerald and Page Griffin
Dorothy Henderson
Emmett Hession
David Alles and Cynthia Huntington
Boyce Jenks
Raymond and Elizabeth Irene Jennings
Marion Rita Kirk
Joyce Lasher
George and Ann Limbach

John and Sally Mandle
Mary Ellen Martin
Hortense McCarty
John and Katharine Millar
Ruth Miller
Loretta Mitchener
June Nielson
Elizabeth Otter
Helen Pearson
William and Muriel Perkins
Ronald Perkins and Carol Bruce
Verna Radcliffe
Patrick and Esther Ryan
Dorothy Sands
Fern Sernino
John and Kay Shields
Bradley and Renee Sonderman
Eugenia Van Deinse
Charles and Miriam Walker
Edward and Florence Wegner
Harold and Ruth Wellmerling

The Terraces at San Joaquin Gardens

Galen and Gloria Adam
Irene Armey
Robert and Marjorie Aven
Virginia D. Barry
E. Melvin and Doris Bens
Flora Blance
Alma Booker
Dr. Beatrice E. Bradley
Mabel Brown
Herbert Bryant
Russell and Gladys Burris
Lucille Callis
Donna Christensen
Myrtle Clark
Ellen Cunningham
Shirley Donaldson
Verle and Jean Dunnegan
Corene English
Doris F. Falk
Julie Gettys
Claude and Helen Gjullin
E. Lee and Sally Graham
Emmy Lou Graves
Bertha Harrison
Clara Haskell
Homer and Ruth Heard
Evelyn Heckman
Cleta Helm
Charles and Mildred Hirt
Harry and Margaret Holbrook
Gertrude Honeycutt
Jack P. and Evalyn Hoover
Laura and Christine Hughes
Virginia Hunter
Pauline Jennings
Dorothy D. Johnson
Judith Johnson
Muriel Johnston
Evelyn M. Keedy
Glenn Gilbert and Elizabeth May Knight
Dr. Benjamin and Dr. Marion G. Kremen
Willabel Kulberg

Edna Lehman
Wayne and Patricia Locher
Gladys Long
Dr. Betsy B. MacCracken
Dorothy Mahin
Clair and Irene Malcomson
Charles and Cassie McMurray
Anna Marie Nielsen
James and Fern Palmer
Claudius and Jean Patton
Isabelle Phillips
Garnett Pierce
Louise Porch
Miriam Robinson
Robert and F. Pauline Russell
Armena Russian
Estate of Enda Sawyer
Margaret Sedam
William and Doris O. Smilie
Harley and Johnnie Sowell
Morris and Patricia Spellman
Anna St. John
Gerald and Kay Strohm
Grace Tashjian
Pauline Trabucco
Douglas and Melba Walker
Bette R. Ward
Martin and Marianne Weil
Virginia C. West
Marshall Westerlund
Barbara Wikle
Edna Woodlock
Harvey L. and Joanne E. Zimmerman

The Terraces of Boise

Marilyn Bischoff
Carol Delaney
Wayne and Sonya Dobberfuhl
Robert and Diane Ekedahl
Edward James and Lynn Funk
Eileen Ann Goetz
Walter and Ulrike Gussner
David B. Hill
Robert S. Kennedy, Jr.
Peter and Joan Lucier
John Matthew and Judy McKay
Robert and Elaine McFarland

Robert W. Paris
Marline Rennels
Harold E. Rumsey
Jennifer Schroder
Victoria Butler Stull
Eugene P. Theios
Jeanne Thomas and Wayne Auer
Judith A. Voth
Martin L. and Sara Leigh Wilson
Teresa A. Yata

The Terraces of Los Gatos

John and June Anderson
Robert Bennett
Frank and Cynthia Biasca
Rolf and Pamela Bondelie
Marion Sarah Cilker
Marjorie J. Clark
Helen Connolley
Arthur Joseph and Ramona Donadei
Thelma Dry
Rick and Diane Dunah
Robert and Elisabeth Foster
George and Mary Fullmer
Madelyn Furze
Liliane Giesseler
Doris Hannah
Henry L. and Phyllis May Harding
Ken and Beverly Haughton
Arline Hayden
Thomas Inglis
Barbara Johnsen
Adolf Kaefer
Miles C. Leverett
Frank Levy
Judi Lovell
William Lyon

Joseph M. Machata
Theodore Norton
Craney Ogata and Tamaki Ogata
James Ottinger
Franklin L. and Eleanor M. Patten
Doris Prince
Bart and Terri Raynaud
Mary Dolores Ridgely
Rochelle Rubenstein
Ellanor Ryan
Kenneth and Carrie Schreiner
William and Ruth Schwieger
Ed and Susan Shaw
Terry and Betsy Shoup
Orpha Simpson
Phyllis Stuewig
Karen Trydahl
Helena Tyers
William Watrous
Heloise Weiss

The Terraces of Phoenix

Beatrice Allen
Tony and Mary Ashton
Susannah Barbour
Thomas Beatson
Louis and Yoshiko Binick
William and Laura Birmingham
Gordon and Lois Bottemiller
Forrest Brown
Paul ‘Gene’ Buchli
Catherine Bumpers
Elinor T. Burkholder
William G. Burrill and Marilyn Usher-Burrill
Chet and Margaret Chappell
David and Anna Mae Clarkson
Alfred A. Criswell
Viola Dahlberg
Pearl Eeck
Ruth Greer
Norman and Holly Grunstad

Clifford and Phyllis Hansen
James and Suellen F. Hartley
Addye Hefner
Maisy Houck
Evejeane Huffman
Larry and Joyce Kennedy
Robert B. and Marilyn Mankowski
Teresa Manley
Norma Millett
Margaret “Peg” Moseley
Ruth Pearson
Kathryn Quackenbush
M. June Rector
Ruth Short
Anita Ann Smyser
Margaret Stallworthy
George Tebbets
Hattie Thimm
Ruth Thompson
L. David West
Kathryn Willett
Mable Willett
Joseph and Diana Zerella

Valle Verde

Guenter and June Ahlers
Belle Albers
Betty Anderson
Ruth Appleby
Orville Armstrong
Sam Bailey
Virginia Barbee
Mary Ann Bartz
Hazel Baysinger
Joseph and Virginia Beerer
Richard and Harriet Berk
Glen Boyles
Ruth Boyton
Alberta Brown
John and Barbara Brownrigg
Dorothy Bryant
Florence Buckley
Gracia Burke
Martha Butler
Vona Jean Caldwell
Catherine C. Campbell
Ernest D. and Betty C. Campbell
John Carson
Loretta Christiansen
Arthur C. and Marina Christman
Helen Chuan
Walter and Ruth Claus
Harold and Elizabeth Crane
Carolyn Crawford
Neil Cummins
Janet W. Davis
Vivia Dickerson
Velma Dorsey
Frits DuPre’
Lynden Earhart
Clare Earl
Charles Falconer
Carol Finnigsmier
Walter and Vera Fishbaugh
Margaret Foster
Frida Fuller
Henrietta V. Geib
Lucille Goldstein
Isabella Hamill
Lorraine S. Hansen
Irene Hoover Hix
Al Houk
John Hubbard
Alice Hutchins
Mary Johnston
Robert and Velma Jones
William Jones
Henry Jorgensen
Genevieve Junger

Sascha Kaufmann
Henry and Roberta Kehe
Vehma Keirn
William A. Kelsey
Beulah Kemp
Vern and Judy Kemp
Doris Kerr
Paul and Mary Ruth Kopp
Howard J. Kumin
Clara Ledermann
Evelyn LeValley
Florence Lightfoot
Robert W. Lloyd
Katherine McNabb
Jim and Chris McNamara
Bessie McNeil
Alice Meyer
Evelyn Meyer
Pauline Meyer
Richard and Patricia Milham
Robert and Lois Miller
Melanie Mitchel
Mabel Mitchell
Earl Muller
Esther Nordenson
Vera Orpheus
Ejnar Petersen
Dorothy Phillips
Violet Pierce
Alice J. Powell
Margaret Powell
Ruth Priest
Jane Rieffel
Ethel M. Rishworth
Charles and Virginia Robinson
Reginald and Julia Robinson
Herbert and Portia Rowe
Kevin and Sue Ryan
Fern Sandy
Hendrik and Helen Schmelzer
Mabel Schulze
Muriel Self
Don and Betty Simons
Harold Simons
Cleo Ross Simpson
Gerald and Edna Smith
Mary Joan Staves
Virginia Story
Robert Studenberg
Jenette Tryon
Ruth Wells
John and Shirlie Yates

Westminster Gardens

Jane Elizabeth Arp
Gertrude R. Bayless
Gayle C. and Miriam J. Beanland
Margaret J. Beckmann
Henry and Lulu Birkel
Nils and Emily Bjerg
Alice Bolina
Mildred R. Brown
Robert and Marilyn Brydolf
Conrad N. and Barbara L. Carter
Adelaide Cassey
Helen Cassile
Ben T. Cowles
Rev. Denny and Clair Denman
Rev. James Bryan Douthitt
John R. and Joan Engman
Anna Ens
Edna W. Falcon
Chuck and Juana Gin
Ruth Grob
William A. and Louise S. Grubb
Jerry and Marguerite Guardino
Frances Clarine Hard
Hazel M. Harken
Elizabeth S. Harter
Nannie Hereford
Rev. William H. and Mollie Hopper
Janet Howell
Harriet A. Johnson
Dorothy Keane
Helen King Taylor
Marie T. Kistler

Robert and Eleanor Lazear
Eleanor H. Lyall
Aleta J. Matthews
Robert L. and Esther McIntire
Barbara McKinley
Theodore Marston and Jennette W. Moore
Rhoder E. and Clare J. Moulden
Marcel G. and Catherine Ott
William A. and Neva A. Pankey
Daniel and Doris Pattison
Bettie Pfaff
Thomas H. Reynolds
Norm and Marie Roe
Samuel C. and Mildred L. Rue
Leo Schamadan
Dorothy L. Schmidt
Arnold J. and Lois B. Schneider
Dr. Doris V. Schoon
David and Laura-Jean Slykuis
Andrew B. Smither
Marabelle Taylor
Anna Katie Turner
William and Karen Walter
William and Jennifer Watson
Dr. Marshall Welles
Roger S. and Mary N. Wheeler
Joyce M. Williams
Elizabeth Nancy Wilmot
Ruth E. Wilson
Dorothy F. Wolcott
Carmen Ziegler

White Sands La Jolla

Betty Ahlers
Christine Althaus
Quaintance Bartlett
Clarissa Beerbower
Stan Bird
Esther Brown
Fred and Beth Burger
Bebe Carlisle
Olga Christopherson
Richard and Genevieve Conroy
Florence Covell
James and Florence DeLano
Vincent and Joyce Diserio
Carolyn Downey
Mark and Janet Evans
Ruth Evers
Eduardo and Irene Feller
George Fromm
Buzz and Peg Gitelson
David Shelburne Gray
Brad and Rhoda Green
Benjamin Oliver and Helen Hagen
Lyle Hampton
Dr. Rodger and Mary Heglar
Anita Holmes
Aubrey and Agnes Hopkins

Erma Islieb
Arline Jones
Dr. Natasha Josefowitz
LaVerne and Charlotte Lyon
Chuck Marsh
Marjorie Ann McBride
Franklin Letcher Miller
Herb and Kathryn Mills
Yoshie and Hiroski Ohori
Louis Payne
Marion Pfund
Dr. Glenn Simpson Pound
George and Janet Robison
Amelia Salonen
Bert Salonen
Jay Shafritz
Mary Sullivan
Donald and Hollis Theobald
Philip and Barbara Weiler
Warren Wirth


Grace Winifred Burris
Frederick and Wylna C. Cowles
Robert C. and Barbara R. Daughterty
Adena R. Demetry
Mary S. Edmiston
Arthur H. Edwards
Helen Ekedahl
Barbara A. Estlow
Lola Mary Federico
Hilmi and Margaret A. Fuad
Anita Genest
Rev. Andrew and Esther Gutierrez
Elizabeth Holmes
Janet H. Howe
Jeanne M. Karpenko
Helen Lundahl
Dorothy W. McCalmont
Robert J. and Hattie R. Michalis
Dorothy M. Miller
Patricia A. Morey
Juan F. Munoz

Jean B. Opsahl
Audrey Constance Hall Packard
Robert and Audrey L. Parks
Iva H. Pickens
Lois M. Reid
Peter and Maureen Riggio
Mary Evelyn Robison
Estella Eunice Schrage
Bernice Marie Seaborg
Doris V. Sisley
Albert Elton and Avanelle M. Smith
Gladys E. Titman
Alfred R. Westfall, Jr.
Marian B. Wolfe

ABHOW Foundation

John and Pamela Claassen
Frank Shelby and Ada Grace Cralle
Robert Derby
Joe Martin and Betty M. Eskeldon
Jeff Glaze

Serojini Harris
Richard Dale and Leona May Merrill
Richard and Janice M. Scott
Millicent Wilson

Southern California Presbyterian Homes/

Frederick Irving and Helen Susan Walsh
James and Dorothy Dibble
William E. and Joan McGuire

Agnes V. Sayles
Richard James and Vivian Louise Hoard

Judson Terrace Homes

Paul and Doris Ray