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Donors to the HumanGood Foundation have been improving the lives of residents since the first bequest of $50,000 was received in 1968. Although the HumanGood Foundation honors its donors in a variety of ways, ranging from donor recognition walls to Heritage Honor Society events, it now wishes to bestow new recognition on its most precious donors—those who leave a philanthropic legacy of giving to their community. The new program, Legacy Circle, honors those who make significant gifts.

In 2015, HumanGood Foundation President Jeff Glaze was encouraged by resident-led foundation committees and his staff to recognize those who give generously during life or leave gifts to their community as part of their estate planning. Last year, Glaze introduced Legacy Circle to its board and it was received with great enthusiasm.

Legacy Circle will honor donors who let the foundation know they are leaving something to their community after they are gone. A donor can also become a member of the Legacy Circle by creating a legacy today with a significant gift to their community. For the former type of contribution, there is no minimum size of gift when leaving this type of legacy and one of the options is naming the foundation as a partial or full beneficiary of their:

  • Bank account
  • 401K or similar retirement instrument
  • Life insurance policy
  • Entrance fee rebate

Other options include signing a charitable gift annuity agreement or naming the foundation in your will. For more information on Legacy Circle, please contact Anita Fraley, Vice President of Philanthropy, at or (925) 924-7214.