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At HumanGood, we’re dedicated to helping all of our team members and residents live their best lives possible. That’s why we want to make sure that you take advantage of all the resources our organization offers, including the Beatson Type 1 Diabetes Fund.

Created in 2015 by Thomas J. Beatson, a Terraces of Phoenix resident, this fund—which is managed through the HumanGood Foundation—provides financial assistance to our team members, their dependent children and residents diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

Thomas, who defied type 1 diabetes for nearly 75 years, devoted so much of his time, energy and money to combat this chronic condition. He was determined to help people like him live a full life. Although he passed away in 2016, the legacy he left behind will continue to help others.

If you (or your coworkers and residents) are living with type 1 diabetes, here’s some important information about the Beatson Type 1 Diabetes Fund:

How does the fund help people with type 1 diabetes?

The fund covers expenses for medical equipment and supplies that are not fully covered by insurance, thereby helping alleviate the financial strain frequently associated with this condition.

“This program gave me so much peace of mind,” says Jose Juarez, LVN at Royal Oaks. “Diabetic supplies can be very expensive, but this fund helps me cover them for my daughter even when my insurance can’t.”

While Jose does not have type 1 diabetes, his daughter, who is a recipient of the fund, does. Both she and Jose are so grateful for everything this program offers people living with the disease.

“I don’t need to work overtime anymore to afford medications, which means I have more time to spend with my daughter,” adds Jose. “And that’s all thanks to everyone who made this fund a reality.”

How does the fund work?

The Beatson Type 1 Diabetes Fund is a reimbursement fund, which means that—before a grant can be issued—items approved for reimbursement need to be processed through insurance plans or paid co-pays.

Who can receive help from the Beatson Type 1 Diabetes Fund?

To qualify for a grant reimbursement from the fund, you must:

  • Have your type 1 diabetes validated by a medical practitioner.
  • Be employed by HumanGood or be a HumanGood resident.
  • Complete an application for the Beatson Type 1 Diabetes Fund.

You can also secure a reimbursement for your dependent children, but they must be age 26 or younger, listed as dependents on your IRS form and have their type 1 diabetes validated.

How do I apply to the fund?

To see if you qualify, feel free to reach out to Andrea Schulte, administrator, Beatson Type 1 Diabetes Fund.